First see, than believe?!

First see, than believe?!

This was my truth for a long time.
But you see, this doesn’t help you if you want to follow your dreams, achieve goals that you have set.
Because those dreams and goals are not there yet to be seen. Only in your mind’s eye.

The great Walt Disney once said:
‘if you can dream it, you can do it.’
So I started dreaming.
Of my own company.

I had this urge inside me to help people in the #legalbusinessworld.
I dreamt that after working with me, those people would know, see and feel that they ARE of value.
That they CAN make a difference.
If they just BELIEVE in theirselves.

This is why Meesterlijk Contact was born.
It made it possible for me to be a coach, trainer, advisor, public speaker & author in the #legalindustry.
And to be a #teacher in my own (masteryourself) academy.

A year ago another dream came true.
Carolien Kattenpoel Oude Heerink of OSR Juridische Opleidingen asked me to join their team of #teachers for the Dutch Women Leadership Programme.

In my enthousiasm I shared another dream with her.
I told her that some day I wanted to ‘go #international‘.
So when she recently asked me if I wanted to join the International Women Leaderschip Programme you now know the answer ;-).

If your truth is: first see, than believe; just think again!

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