'People don't leave jobs, they leave toxic work cultures'

This is what I read in an article on LinkedIn today.
Toxic work cultures make the best employees quit.
And, or,make the best employees get sick.

‘People don’t leave jobs, they leave toxic cultures’
I agree.

This morning I received an whatsapp from a woman I coached the last few months.
She works in the law force industry.
Her goal was – and still is – to learn to follow her instinct.

That was the part she was missing whilst working as a professional in law business.
Her employer paid for this coaching.
With the knowledge (and wish!) in advance -specifically mentioned in the signed coaching-agreement- that I would help her find another job outside the law company.

A few weeks ago she told the manager she wants to leave.
She put a proposition in words with her wishes and terms to end her contract.
She had the guts to follow her guts and leave.

And guess what?
Her employer is still thinking about her proposal.
No sign of any kind of reaction.

This morning she sends me a text:
“Still no reaction from my manager. Since last wednesday I am home sick and still not working…”.

How can it be that this employer lets his best employees quit?
And when he (or actually they, the manager is not the one who gets to decide this), does this he doesn’t act on it?
So now this employee not only quits but gets sick too?

Speaking of a toxic culture?
I think this example says it all.

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